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Canberra director Gavin Anderson & Company

On the Gavin Anderson website Peter Sekuless gives the following self description:

Peter Sekuless
Director | Canberra-based

Peter Sekuless co-founded Canberra Liaison with Jonathan Gaul in 1978. He is also the author of ‘Lobbying Canberra: The Government Relations Game’ and ‘The Lobbyists: Using Them in Canberra’.

Peter has developed particular expertise in issues vital to the development of converging technologies, copyright and privacy particularly in line with developments in North America and Europe. Clients in these areas have included major international and national entertainment, communications and marketing associations and companies.

His highly developed networking and presentational skills have resulted in frequent requests to make presentations on strategic development to both clients and outside organisations.

In addition to his reference books on government relations, Peter has also written two biographies and most recently published was ‘A Handful of Hacks’, a series of portraits of Australian leading war correspondents of the World War Two era. He has a Masters degree from the Journalism School at Columbia University in New York.

Before founding Canberra Liaison, he was a professional journalist, public servant and media adviser.





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