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Finding a new excuse for English soccer failure – blame it on El Niño

May 10th, 2014

The teams aren’t even in Brazil yet but in England they are already coming up with new reasons for their team’s failure. The latest is from researchers at the University of Reading who are blaming the coming El Niño.

Saying there is a 60% chance of an El Nino event hitting Brazil, the Reading scientists say the complicated meteorological system is likely to cause extremely dry and sunny weather in June and July. Teams from the British Isles, they say, have traditionally struggled to cope with these types of conditions.

“If it does occur, it would increase the risk of uncomfortably hot and dry conditions in Brazil during June and July,” Dr Nick Klingaman told the BBC.

Especially in the southern and eastern parts of the country, where England are playing their second and third group games…

“If players and coaching staff were hoping for milder and more favourable conditions for their remaining matches, it looks more likely that they could be disappointed,” said Dr Klingaman.

He estimates that temperatures around Rio could increase by around one degree C.

“While a one degree increase may seem insignificant, not all days will be affected equally,” Dr Klingaman said.

“Extreme temperatures often change by much more than the monthly average. A one degree increase in the monthly average is equivalent to half of all days warming by two degrees, or one-third of all days warming by three degrees.”

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