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Why are Palestinian war deaths publicised more than Syrian ones?

August 7th, 2014

With a cease fire between Israelis and Palestinians it’s an opportune time to think again about Syria where a real slaughter is taking place that does not dominate the newspapers and the airwaves.

From the Syrian Network for Human Rights:

Death Toll since the Beginning of the Revolution until the End of June/2014
First: The Syrian Regime
The Syrian regime forces killed no less than 133586 people; including 109347 civilian
(88% of the total) among them 15149 children and 13695 women. In addition, 4892
person were killed under torture.
This suggests that the Syrian regime kills four civilians every hour and 100 civilians
every day as a daily average
A child is killed every two hours
A woman is killed per three hours.
Second: The Armed Factions Affiliated to Al-Qaeda
They killed about two thousand people as we’ve documented no less than 1607 people
including 588 civilian among them 67 children and 53 women.
Third: Other Armed Groups
They killed 438 civilians, among them 29 children and 36 women.

Note: The figures do not include the death toll in the government forces or the IS.

The SNHCR death toll for July was 2549.

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