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Repetition: Eric Abetz a sure fire vote loser

August 8th, 2014

Insult all young people in the morning when the unemployment figures come out. Then in the evening upset the vast majority of Australians with frightening nonsense about the consequences of abortion. I can but repeat what I wrote about Eric Abetz earlier this month:

I must have spent too much time behind that one way glass. I can’t help thinking when I see a politician on television how those ordinary swinging voters will be reacting. Not to the words coming out of the mouth. They don’t really count. But to the look and the sound of the person uttering them.

And if there is one thing this old political adviser is certain of it is that Eric Abetz is doing his team great harm every time he appears on the screen or is heard on the radio. The Minister for Employment is a Liberal disability of the highest order. He just looks and sounds frightening whether or not you agree with his work for the dole message. A guaranteed vote loser who Labor must be hoping is kept in his role as government leader in the Senate where he will be guaranteed frequent appearances as the Abbott team struggles with being a minority administration.


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