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US Governors Agree with Bob Katter

October 25th, 2014

There was much scoffing and guffawing earlier this month when Independent federal MP Bob Katter proposed a mandatory 21 day quarantine period for Australian health worker ‘saints’ returning from Ebola affected countries. “We must emphasise that the people who go to these countries are our saints, our Christians, they are the people as Australians we should be most proud of; but it does not help the people on planet earth with another nation becoming an Ebola affected nation,” Mr Katter said.

25-10-2014 katter

The Australian Medical Association and Federal Labor, reported SBS News, criticised Mr Katter for his remarks.

Presumably they will now have harsh words to say about Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie who have determined that travelers returning to New York and New Jersey from West African nations will be put under mandatory quarantine orders if they may have had contact with Ebola patients.

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