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NSW Labor searching for another sacrificial leader?

December 23rd, 2014

New South Wales Labor seems to be back playing its familiar game of throwing another good person after bad. From this morning’s tabloid terror:


Opposition Leader John Robertson meets the definition of a bad leader if the ability to win an election is the principal criterion. Under his stewardship Labor is heading for near certain defeat. The latest Newspoll in The Australian had the gap at 10 percentage points. Hence this new round of change the leader.

But what would be the point of changing with three months to go? Perhaps a new man might salvage a point or two but more likely the sacrificial leader would just remind voters of the side-show during the years before the Liberals and Nationals were given such a resounding victory next time.

Better to let Robbo roll on to inglorious defeat without destroying one of the few remaining Labor members with talent.


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