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A new temperature record? Japan’s meteorologists think so

January 7th, 2015

JMA world temps

crude oil price

7-01-2015 navylaser

  • The Pentagon’s newest weapons look like something out of ‘Star Wars’ – “One of the newest weapons in the Pentagon’s vast arsenal is a concentrated beam of light, a laser that zaps and burns, delivering destruction by the kilowatt, as if in “Star Wars.” Under development for years by the military and the defense industry, lasers have moved from science-fiction fantasy, to the laboratory and, just recently, to the Persian Gulf. They sizzle rather than go boom, providing pin-point accuracy that proponents say can prevent the kind of collateral damage that’s unavoidable with missiles or bombs.”
  • Europe’s Trap – Paul Krugman writes: “There are many risks in the world economy right now — a possible Chinese hard landing (local governments depend heavily on land sales for revenue? Oh, boy), a financial crisis in Russia and other oil exporters, etc.. But one thing is not a risk, because it has already happened: the euro area has entered a Japan-style deflationary trap. … So don’t think of Europe as having a tough but workable economic strategy, endangered by Greek voters and such. Europe is at a dead end; if anything, Greece is doing the rest of Europe a favor by sounding a wake-up call.”
  • End the feud between the spinners and the fourth estate – “The digital revolution will ultimately strengthen journalism, but so far public relations has managed the web far better.”

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