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Abbott to go and Liberals to win

February 6th, 2015

I am old enough to remember the jubilation in Gough Whitlam’s Labor Party the day that Billy Mackie Snedden was finally sacked as leader of the opposition¬†after months of withering attacks by the prime minister. And I recollect believing that the euphoria caused by Gough’s “brilliance” would be temporary and disappear with that loss of Labor’s best weapon.

So if I was Bill Shorten today I would be hoping and praying that Tony Abbott survives next week’s Liberal party meeting. Malcolm Turnbull has all the credentials to do to him what Malcolm Fraser did to Gough Whitlam.

Not that I think Abbott will survive. Should he escape on Tuesday it will not be for long. He does not have what it takes to run the country and his colleagues know it. They know as well that Shorten is no world beater. With Turnbull as leader taking on Shorten they have a good chance of keeping their seat.

I will be having a modest investment on the Coalition to win the next election. (See¬†The political speculator’s diary)



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