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James Halliday as Wine Australia would censor him

November 14th, 2016

The repressive attack on freedom of speech by Wine Australia has not yet reached the level of stopping wine journalists giving sensible information to consumers. But should a wine maker or retailer dare to quote the words of James Halliday, the country’s most famous wine writer, they would face two years in jail.
To give you an idea of just how ridiculously draconian Wine Australia’s censorship powers are, we reproduce below how a recent Halliday column would need to be censored to conform with Wine Australia’s law.
And if you think you know what the blacked out words are, enter Censored by Wine Australia’s competition by sending your guess at what the illegal words are to:


There are $50 wine voucher that can be redeemed at glug.com.au for correct and/or witty entries.
Click on the column to enlarge it.

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