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Some differing views on the European election and other news and views for Tuesday 27 May

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  • “Charlie’s Country” – “The great Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil co-wrote and stars as a dispossessed tribal man in this haunting drama from director Rolf de Heer. Though there is a story, the movie draws much of its power from poetic closeups of its star’s magnificently weathered face, as expressive as that of the great silent screen stars.”
  • Heads roll across Europe in wake of polls – The aftershocks of EU elections that saw a surge in support for anti-establishment parties rippled across Europe on Monday with mainstream party leaders losing their posts and a battle building over the bloc’s top job. The struggle over the EU’s future is due to be joined on Tuesday, when EU leaders gather for dinner in Brussels to weigh the region’s new leadership. At least two prime ministers, Britain’s David Cameron and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, were working to block the candidacy of veteran Brussels fixer Jean-Claude Juncker, frontrunner for the EU’s most high-profile post.
  • The National Front’s victory: France in shock
  • A Victory for European Democracy – “Although voter turnout was down in many places and right-wing populists scored significant gains, this weekend’s European Parliament election was historically important. It has shifted the balance of power in Europe in favor of voters.”
  • Amazon: malignant monopoly, or just plain evil?


  • A Simple, Elegant Invention That Draws Water From Air – “When Italian designer Arturo Vittori and Swiss architect Andreas Vogler first visited Ethiopia in 2012, they were shocked to see women and children forced to walk miles for water. … Their firm, Architecture and Vision, has since come up with WarkaWater, a majestic palm-like structure that may look like something you’d see in a modern art museum but it’s been designed to harvest water from the air.”

Europe calls and UKIP gets my first investment

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I have re-posted this from my little political speculator’s blog where I have actually been showing a punting profit!

With just under a month to go until the elections on 22 May for the European Parliament I’m prepared to start taking notice of the opinion polls. And there’s one thing I am getting confident about – the British Conservative Party is in for a right proper drubbing. And another – the Liberal Democrats are wasting their time even fielding candidates.
Here are the latest poll figures as tabulated on the UK Polling Report website:

It really does look like a two party race and, by-and-large, that’s how the market sees it.

At the best prices available you can back all four runners and break square. Leave out the also running Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and you can get the two chances at a glorious 90%! Surely that’s an opportunity too good to miss.
My recommendation is to wager in these proportions – $46 on Labour at the $2.2 from William Hill and $45 at Ladbrokes’ $2.25.By my calculation it’s $10 for nothing and only a month to wait.
You will find details of my outstanding bets and the betting record at The Portfolio – the record so far.

Will UKIP top the European election poll?

February 11th, 2014 Comments off

The Liberal Democrats, it seems, are awakening to the possibility that UKIP nay be the highest polling party in the forthcoming election of British members of the European Parliament. Writing in The Independent this morning, the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg declares his party will go head-to-head with Ukip at the May elections. He will contrast the Liberal Democrats’ unashamedly pro-European stance as “the party of ‘in’” with Ukip’s policy of leaving the EU.

His aim is to deny Ukip its “breakthrough moment” by mobilising pro-European voters. Nigel Farage’s party has been widely tipped to come top in the Euro polls, which are fought under proportional representation, with Labour forecast to come second and the Conservatives third.

The Owl’s election indicator currently has the UKIP the party most likely to get the highest vote.


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