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Fox the clear US cable news winner again

December 31st, 2014 Comments off
The O’Reilly Factor the top news program

“The O’Reilly Factor,” was again top dog among all cable news programs

  • Fox News Dominates Cable News Ratings in 2014; MSNBC Tumbles – In a generally overall down year for the cable news genre, Fox News remained the dominant ratings force in 2014, while CNN made some meaningful demo strides relative to a sagging MSNBC. Behind the highest-rated programs in cable news — including “The O’Reilly Factor,” which was again top dog among all programs — Fox News finished on top in both total viewers and the adults 25-54 news demo for a 13th straight year, according to Nielsen’s “most current” estimates through Dec. 26.
  • Greece’s election: The euro’s next crisis – Why an early election spells big dangers for Greece—and for the euro
  • A Greek Crisis, but not a Euro Crisis
  • Pot Pie, Redefined? Chefs Start to Experiment With Cannabis – Recreational marijuana is both illegal and controversial in most of the country, and its relationship to food does not rise much above a joke about brownies or a stoner chef’s late-night pork belly poutine. But cooking with cannabis is emerging as a legitimate and very lucrative culinary pursuit. In Colorado, which has issued more than 160 edible marijuana licenses, skilled line cooks are leaving respected restaurants to take more lucrative jobs infusing cannabis into food and drinks. In Washington, one of four states that allow recreational marijuana sales, a large cannabis bakery dedicated to affluent customers with good palates will soon open in Seattle.
  • The big kill – New Zealand’s crusade to rid itself of mammals.
  • Working Too Hard Makes Leading More Difficult
  • Broken sleep – People once woke up halfway through the night to think, write or make love. What have we lost by sleeping straight through.
  • 31-12-2014 yachtingforsaleCYC bans Oz reporter Sue Neales from Sydney to Hobart for her story – ‘When seemingly unbeatable Wild Oats XI glided first across the finish line of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Sunday afternoon for the eighth time in 10 years, cheers rang out from thousands of admiring spectators lining Hobart’s historic wharves. But elsewhere around Australia there were collective groans from less avid sailing fans. Social media was full of posts and tweets that repeatedly linked the great race with the words “boring”, “predictable” and, most worryingly for race organisers, “yawn” and “I’m not interested any more”.’

How Murdoch News Corp could shift 11% of the votes and other news and views for Sunday 24 August

August 24th, 2014 Comments off

24-08-2014 powerindex

  • How can we measure media power? – “The potential for political influence is what most people think of when they talk about the power of the media. A new media power index, proposed in this column, aggregates power across all platforms and focuses not on markets but on voters. It measures not actual media influence but rather its potential. Using the index, the author finds that the four most powerful media companies in the US are television-based and the absolute value of the index is high. This indicates that most American voters receive their news from a small number of news sources, which creates the potential for large political influence.”

24-08-2014 findings

24-08-2014 oroof

That knee in the back – the newspapers of the day and Colombia’s Zúñiga is the arch villain

July 5th, 2014 Comments off

A day of ecstasy then agony for Brazilians as reflected by this morning’s papers.

Brasil perde Neyman – Brazil loses Neymar

Neymar leads knee Colombian Zúñiga; back blows are forbidden even in the fiercest fighting in the UFC, and the offender is disqualified from the fight



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Another Oliver Stone political movie – Edward Snowden for the screen

June 3rd, 2014 Comments off

The National Security Agency will no doubt be doing something similar soon:

3-06-2014 nixoncartoon

Click to enlarge

Oliver Stone has a way of irritating the US political establishment and no doubt will do it again now he has the rights to “The Snowden Files, The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man,” written by journalist Luke Harding.

Variety reports that Stone has started to write the screenplay and his long-time producing partner Moritz Borman is fast-tracking it as a European co-production to start filming before the end of the year.

Stone said: “This is one of the greatest stories of our time. A real challenge. I’m glad to have the Guardian working with us.”

Guardian editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, said: “The story of Edward Snowden is truly extraordinary, and the unprecedented revelations he brought to light have forever transformed our understanding of, and relationship with, government and technology. We’re delighted to be working with Oliver Stone and Moritz Borman on the film.”

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When the News Corp empire reports how people are laughing at Tony Abbott …

June 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Perhaps Tony Abbott does have leadership problems and it’s nothing to do with Malcolm Turnbull. Even worse for the Prime Minister than having Andrew Bolt defending him is having Bolt’s principal employer laughing at you.

Tonight’s lead story on the nation’s most read news site:

2-06-2014 abbottlaughter

In a regular segment devoted to ‘Other countries’ Presidents of the USA’, the HBO satirical US news program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver today aired a segment ruthlessly collating our embattled PM’s most embarrassing moments. reports how the program described our current leader as “hard line right-wing Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who rose to power promising to be pro-business and religiously anti-immigration — literally, religiously anti-immigration.”

It then cut to Mr Abbott on ABC panel show Q&A, explaining to host Tony Jones that “Jesus knew there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia”. Cue much laughter from the Last Week Tonight studio audience.
“Exactly. Australia is for real Australians, like Tony Abbott — who was born in London, England,” the Last Week Tonight voice over intoned.

2-06-2014 birthplace
From there, Last Week Tonight cut to clips of former Prime Minister Paul Keating, protesters and even schoolchildren lambasting the PM. “My mummy calls him Tony Dum-Dum,” said one young boy in an undated interview.
Then followed clips of Mr Abbott’s disparaging remarks about women (“What the housewives of Australia need to understand is they do the ironing”), gay people (telling 60 Minutes’ Liz Hayes he feels “a bit threatened” by homosexuality), the Irish, and his now-infamous wink while speaking to an elderly sex-line worker.

2-06-2014 shithappens
They finished with his silent response to a journalist who asked about his choice of words when speaking about a fallen Aussie soldier:

2-06-2014 abbottsilence

“Yes, Tony Abbott knows, one panicked pant-sh**ting expression is worth a thousand words,” the voiceover said.

After 10 years Monica breaks her silence – My Life Sucks!

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7-05-2014 nypost

The newspaper headline of the year?

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Rupert Murdoch’s world – a Twitter update

May 1st, 2014 Comments off

The great man speaks:

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Beseeching Rupert Murdoch to keep letting Fox rescue the GOP and other news and views for Wednesday 30 April

April 30th, 2014 Comments off

30-04-2014 murdochandfox

Back to the future – the return of the partisan press

April 25th, 2014 Comments off

An interesting interview on the Quartz website with University of Chicago economics professor Matthew Gentzkow who recently won the John Bates Clark Medal which the American Economic Association bestows on the American economist under the age of 40 who “who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge.” Quartz described Gentzkow’s work as “an interesting mix of the history and micro-economics of the media world.”

For instance, he’s studied the drivers of political “slant” in American newspapers. (Short version: Political slant tends to play to the views of readers, not owners.) Along with his frequent collaborator and University of Chicago colleague Jesse Shapiro, he’s investigated tendencies among consumers to read only online news sites that square with their own ideological biases. (Short version: They found no evidence that segregation among consumers of online news was becoming more pronounced.) His research has also found that television—and the television news which supplanted politics-heavy newspapers—has helped drive down US voter turnout.

The part of the interview that intrigued me most concerned the return of the partisan press. You’ve looked a lot at the history of American newspapers, he was asked, going back to their roots as ideological party organs in the 19th century, as well as the advent of television, and more recently online news. Is there some sort of grand unified theory or thread running through all that work that you were surprised at?

In some ways, the US media today looks increasingly like the US media of the 19th century. Back in the day we had fiercely competitive, partisan newspapers going after each other, wearing their ideological views on their sleeve … not pulling any punches talking about scandals and using all kinds of inflammatory language. That is very much like what we see if you turn on cable TV or you look at political blogs.

And really the exception, historically, is the period that I grew up in and the period that many people grew up in. We had three broadcast networks and everybody got their news from the same places. People would argue about the political slant of the broadcast networks, [but] they certainly presented themselves as very objective and sort of partisanship-free. That was really the unusual period. When you go back and look at partisan newspapers in the past, things look awfully similar to what we see today.
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Gay rights and Guinness produce the headline of the day

March 17th, 2014 Comments off

17-03-2014 draughtdodge

17-03-2014 gay

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Gerard Henderson gracefully accepts an invitation – Fox News versus the ABC in providing a plurality of views

March 1st, 2014 Comments off

Last Saturday, after giving links to some of the strange views of conservative commentators on Fox News, I invited Gerard Henderson to provide some examples in his Media Watch Dog blog of Fox’s left wing commentary that justify a comment he had made that Fox News provides a greater plurality of views than Australia’s ABC. Yesterday he kindly did so:


MWD used to read “Richard Farmer’s Chunky Bits” column in Crikey — until Mr Farmer got sacked. Your man Farmer always managed to be informative and refrained from writing about himself — unlike his successors at the leftist Crikey newsletter like Jane Caro (See MWD Issue 214). And now for something quite substantial.

In his blog Politicalowl last Saturday, Richard Farmer referred to this comment by Gerard Henderson in The Weekend Australian of 22-23 February 2014, viz:

The ABC declines to acknowledge the point. But a greater plurality of views can be heard on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News channel in the United States than on the taxpayer funded broadcaster in Australia. The ABC does not have one conservative presenter or producer or editor for any of its prominent television or radio or online outlets.

Richard Farmer went on to cite examples of some conservative or right-of-centre presenters and commentators and concluded:

I’ll leave it to Gerard to give some examples of Fox’s left-wing commentary in his Media Watch Dog blog next Friday.

MWD just loves a challenge. Here is a list of Fox News presenters and/or paid contracted commentators who are left-of-centre types — or “liberals” in the American sense of the term.

▪ Bob Beckel: Formerly a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in Jimmy Carter’s administration and former national campaign manager for Walter Mondale.

▪ Kirsten Powers: Formerly a Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for Public Affairs in Bill Clinton’s administration.

▪ Geraldo Rivera: A self-proclaimed Democrat voter and vocal supporter of President Barack Obama.

▪ Alan Colmes: A self-proclaimed left-liberal commentator who is consistently critical of conservatives.

▪ Joe Trippi: Formerly a campaign manager for Howard Dean, Tony Blair and Edward Kennedy.

Fox News has one channel. The ABC has two — ABC 1 and ABC News 24 along with numerous radio stations. There is not one conservative employed by the ABC as a presenter or paid contracted commentator on any of its prominent outlets. But Fox News has at least five left-of-centre presenters or paid contracted commentators who appear on its prominent programs.

Toothpaste tube bombers and other American newspaper front pages Thursday 6 February

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2014-02-06_publimetrChilenos deben más de $172 mil millones en multas de tránsito – Chileans owe more than $172 billion in traffic tickets


2014-02-06_shcronicleA landslide, death trap for 7 firefighters and 2 rescuers




Pizzolato é preso na Itália, e Brasil pedirá sua extradição – Pizzolato is arrested in Italy, and Brazil will ask for his extradition

On the run since November last year, Henrique Pizzolato, the former Director of the Bank of Brazil condemned in the mensalão, was arrested yesterday morning in Northern Italy, as anticipated.








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American newspaper front pages Wednesday 5 February

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5-02-2014 spauloApagão atinge 11 Estados, e 6 milhões ficam sem luz – Blackout hits 11 States, and 6 million are without light

5-02-2014 lanacion

dura crítica de la presidenta a empresarios y gremialistas – harsh criticism of the President to business and labor leaders

With hard tone and epic combative, President Cristina Kirchner launched yesterday strong criticism to employers and trade unionists, in the context of the commitment of the Government to curb inflation shot and contain a wage bid that was enhanced by the devaluation of the peso.

5-02-2014 chicst

5-02-2014 nypost

5-02-2014 globe

5-02-2014 wash

5-02-2014 dailynews

5-02-2014 vanguardia

5-02-2014 sfchronicle

5-02-2014 usa

5-02-2014 latimes

5-02-2014 houston

5-02-2014 vanguardia

5-02-2014 arizona

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American newspaper front pages Monday 3 February

February 4th, 2014 Comments off

4-02-2014 latimes

4-02-2014 usatoday

4-02-2014 chictrib4-02-2014 sfchronicle

4-02-2014 lanacion

4-02-2014 chicst

3-02-2014 nydn

4-02-2014 washpost4-02-2014 spaulo

4-02-2014 vanguardia

4-02-2014 nypost

4-02-2014 houston

4-02-2014 globeandmail

4-02-2014 arizona

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American newspaper front pages Friday 31 January

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2014-01-31_spauloDesemprego cai ao menor nível, mas renda sobe menos – Unemployment falls to lowest level, but income rises less



Otra fuerte caída de las reservas: 250 millones de dólares – Another sharp decline in reserves: $ 250 million

The Central Bank (BCRA) returned to halt the payment of imports yesterday, but could not prevent that stocks fell another 250 million dollars (793 million from Monday), to stay at 28.270 million. If today kept this rhythm, January is the month of greater drain of reserves since the beginning of 2006, when the Government cancelled its debt of more than US $9400 billion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The BCRA held yesterday the official at $8.03 dollar, very close to the level that days ago the Cabinet Chief, Jorge Capitanich, defined as “acceptable convergence for economic policy objectives”. Meanwhile, in the parallel market, with very few operations, the dollar fell 30 cents, to close to 12.65 pesos.






Perros están en la mira – Dogs are in the crosshairs

Last year sparked fierce controversy then that it knew that it would include the category of feral dogs as animals to hunt. It was officially announced that the hunting law passed in November of 2013 would not allow such action. A move that reassured the advocacy groups and public opinion opposed. But yesterday the discussion was revived after the reason for the Decree of the hunting law by the Comptroller, began to circulate on the internet document.





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American newspaper front pages Thursday 30 January

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Por la falta de dólares, el Gobierno frena el pago de importaciones – Due to the lack of dollars, the Government stops payment of imports

The Government yesterday halted the authorization of payment of imports with the aim of prioritizing the availability of foreign currency in the local market, much in demand from the easing of foreign exchange stocks, on Monday. The AFIP reported yesterday 28 million dollars were sold to save (41 million in three days). “Almost not passed anything of import”, committed an officer of a Bank of first line. “I think that the Central Bank was also very attentive to the sale [of dollars] in branches,” he added. “Virtually all customers who passed through the box did it to buy dollars for hoarding”, admitted yesterday in a National Bank.  After a start with obstacles, on the third day of the partial opening of the foreign exchange stocks, banks returned to face a strong demand for foreign exchange by the retail public. The Central Bank (BCRA) then chose to “stepping” practically in full the authorization of payment of imports and thus counter pressure on the official dollar, which closed at $8.02, and decrease the loss of their reserves. However, yesterday fell another $188 million (543 million since Monday, up 28.520). The blue dollar went back up and at the end touched the $13.







Presagian lo peor: hallan narcofosas – They presage the worst: find narcofosas


FOUND remains of weapons located ranches North of Coahuila with evidence of missing persons


ZARAGOZA.-Although there was no compelling elements, scientifically proven, at the end of editing the first findings bode the worst in Northern Coahuila: alleged clandestine pits located in different places of the municipality of Zaragoza and surroundings, where there would be incinerated people, and “kitchen” of “human pozole” (tambos to dissolve victims in acid).





Unesco: Chile incrementó su desigualdad escolar – UNESCO: Chile increased its school inequality

Level of learning among rich and poor detected slight differences in countries such as Chile «in fourth grade, but in the eighth the 77% of rich students achieved minimum levels, compared with 44% of the poor».








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The State of the Union and other American (North and South) newspaper front pages Wednesday 29 January

January 29th, 2014 Comments off











Más penado robar vacas que violar a un niño ¿QUIÉN PODRÁ DEFENDERLOS? -More punishable to steal cows that raping a child – who can defend them?


For Justice in these lands, it would seem more serious to steal a cow that raping a child. Unless that is stipulated in the Criminal Code of the State of Coahuila, establishing stronger penalties for the cattle rustling that for child abuse. The State Penal Code provides for sentences up to 12 years in prison who steal head of cattle, while for who abused a minor more sentence is nine years.



Se agilizó la venta de dólares, pero volvió a subir el blue – Was streamlined the sale of dollars, but it went back up the blue

There were 21.862 operations, compared the 235 from yesterday; the system ran at nearly all banks; doubts by 20% surcharge; parallel, to $12.55; another sharp decline in reservations: 188 million.


Emergentes elevam juros para acalmar mercados – Emerging interest amounting to calm markets

After three trading sessions of decline, emerging markets have had one day of relief with the increase in interest in India and the expectation of a similar measure in Turkey, which occured at night. The Indian benchmark climbed 0.25 point. In Turkey, where there are several rates, the rise reached 5.5 percentage points. Reversing trend of recent days, 17 of the 24 major moedasemergentes if valued against the dollar. The real, however, was the currency lost value. The dollar was quoted at R $ 2,427, on the sixth day in a row of high and highest value since August. Still, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange was discharged of 0.29%. For analysts, the increase in interest in emerging, as was done in Brazil, is a good thing but tardy and limited effect. Confidence in these countries is still upset with the expectation that the u.s. will continue to reduce its economic stimulus program. The Fed’s decision to leave today.









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Lead story on the NY Times website but too late for page one of the American newspapers on Tuesday 28 January

January 28th, 2014 Comments off

Too late to make the print edition but it’s leading the New York Times website.

PETE SEEGER | 1919-2014

Champion of Folk Music and Social Change


Pete Seeger, a hearty singer who spearheaded a folk revival and spent a life championing music as both a vital heritage and a catalyst for political action, died Monday. He was 94.


























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Spam is the stuff that gifts are made of and other American newspaper front pages Monday 27 January

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2014-01-27_chictrib He was selling vegetables in Yemen at age 16 when he first embraced jihad, rising quickly in al-Qaida and eventually being tapped for a Sept. 11, 2001, suicide operation in Asia that was scrapped in favor of the airplane attacks in New York and at the Pentagon, according to U.S. intelligence records. He served as a trusted bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, and his sister became the leader’s fourth wife. But the militant’s career came to an end 12 years ago when he was captured near the mountains of Tora Bora by Pakistani forces and sent to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, becoming another nameless, faceless “high-risk” terrorism suspect with little hope of release. On Tuesday, the man identified by U.S. officials as Abd al-Malak Abd al-Wahab al-Rahbi will get his first shot at freedom under a long-delayed review process designed to help empty the military prison  Al-Rahbi will become the first Guantanamo detainee to receive a partially public hearing to determine whether his status as an enemy combatant should be changed, making him eligible for release. The program was unveiled two years ago by President Barack Obama, who continues to face pressure to make good on a campaign promise to close the prison.





Manifestante é baleado pela PM em Higienópolis – Protester is shot by PM in Higienópolis

Fabrício student 22 years, was shot in the chest and groin, in Higienópolis (Center), during yesterday’s protest against the World Cup. According to the PM, keys resisted arrest and assaulted officers before he was shot. Witnesses, however, say that the boy was shot three times after being rendered. He was operated on and is in a coma. The Governor Geraldo Alckmin defended the action of the PM at the protest, which left a trail of destruction in the Center: “Police averted a tragedy”.



In South Korea, Spam Is the Stuff Gifts Are Made Of

As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches, Seoul’s increasingly well-heeled residents are scouring store shelves for tastefully wrapped boxes of culinary specialties. Among their favorite choices: imported wines, choice cuts of beef, rare herbal teas. And Spam.

Yes, Spam. In the United States, the gelatinous meat product in the familiar blue and yellow cans has held a place as thrifty pantry staple, culinary joke and kitschy fare for hipsters without ever losing its low-rent reputation. But in economically vibrant South Korea, the pink bricks of pork shoulder and ham have taken on a bit of glamour as they have worked their way into people’s affections.

“Here, Spam is a classy gift you can give to people you care about during the holiday,” said Im So-ra, a saleswoman at the high-end Lotte Department Store in downtown Seoul who proudly displayed stylish boxes with cans of Spam nestled inside.












Cristina, con Fidel y dilma y un ojo en la crisis – Cristina, with Fidel and dilma and an eye on the crisis

In Havana she had lunch with the Cuban leader; requested the meeting with Rousseff

Havana (Special Envoy).-Attentive to news that arrived from the Argentina and with strong expectation by the reaction that will have the markets today, President Cristina Kirchner met yesterday with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who received it with a lunch in the Jaimanitas district. The meeting he attended with his daughter Florence, was family run and conversados topics were kept in a strict reserve. Most public was meeting in the afternoon with the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, at hotel Melian. The meeting was requested by Cristina Kirchner and his Brazilian colleague agreed immediately. They talked about the shocks by the devaluation of the Argentine peso and both warned on “speculative movements” against emerging countries. Cristina Kirchner arrived in Havana to participate in the Summit of the community of Latin American and Caribbean (Celac) and today could meet with other Presidents in the region. LA HABANA.-Finally, the agenda was. After the mystery printed her Government to the advancement of the Cristina Kirchner’s trip to this island, the surprise that both spoke at the delegation arrived and, as expected, was a meeting with Fidel Castro. “They invited me to lunch,” was the terse statement that was heard from the President when the press waited it out of the hotel Nacional, where staying. I wanted to tell it because before you put one foot in the car, turned, turning on itself and the distance launched the sentence to make it clear that it was not just one more picture, but a meeting of “friends”.

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American newspaper front pages Sunday 26 January

January 26th, 2014 Comments off


Ato em SP contra a Copa termina em vandalismo – Act in SP against the Cup ends in vandalism


“Banks, shops and cars are plundered; Police using gas bombs and holds 128


On the day of the birthday of Sao Paulo, a protest that brought together some 1.500 people against the World Cup ended in looting in the city centre at night. The March, which went for two hours peacefully, became violent after supporters of the protest tactic “black bloc” separated from other protesters. Get looted banks, shops, cars and a Metropolitan Civil Guard vehicle.


The military police, which followed the protest with 2.000 men, used bombs of moral effect. 128 people were arrested — the police turned a hotel on rua Augusta in basis for arrests. The Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) and the Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) condemned the vandalism.


Other 12 capitals had acts against the Cup. In Natal and Fortaleza, there have also been clashes, but on a smaller scale.”










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American newspaper front pages Saturday 23 January

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Argentina facilita compra de dólar após moeda subir – Argentina eases buying dollar after currency rise

Faced with the strong devaluation of the peso against the dollar, the Government of Argentina announced that citizens of the country can again acquire the u.s. currency for investment. Acompra dollars for application was banned since 2012… In Davos, President Dilma said he was “very attentive” to the Argentine situation, but claimed not to believe that the crisis has “very significant consequences for Brazil”.

El Gobierno afloja el cepo, pero el dólar no cede y aumenta la incertidumbre – The Government loosen the clamping device, but the dollar does not yield and increases uncertainty

From day after tomorrow individuals may, prior authorisation of the AFIP, buy foreign currency for savings; they went back down to 20% surcharge to purchases with the card abroad; the station remained at $8 the official dollar and the parallel was sold to $11,

A day after the value of the dollar on the parallel market exceeds $13 and the official exchange rate recorded its largest increase in more than one decade, the Government surprised the market by announcing that, from day after tomorrow, it will raise partially foreign exchange stocks for individuals who want to buy foreign currency for hoarding.

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A gay verdict and other American newspaper front pages for Wednesday 22 January

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22-01-2014 lat

22-01-2014 gay

22-01-2014 nytimes

New York Times BEIRUT, Lebanon — Emaciated corpses lie in the sand, their ribs protruding over sunken bellies, their thighs as thin as wrists. Several show signs of strangulation. The images conjure memories of some of history’s worst atrocities.

Numbers inscribed on more than 11,000 bodies in 55,000 photographs said to emerge from the secret jails of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, suggest that torture, starvation and execution are widespread and even systematic, each case logged with bureaucratic detail.

This collection of images was identified as having been part of a voluminous archive of torture and execution maintained by the Syrian government and smuggled out by a police photographer who defected and was given the code name Caesar.

So far, only a few photographs have actually been released by lawyers commissioned by the Qatari government, an avowed opponent of Mr. Assad, and the claims about their origins could not be independently verified.

22-01-2014 nawp

22-01-2014 natpost

22-01-2014 nacion

Argentina – Sombrías expectativas sobre los negocios en la Argentina – Bleak expectations on the Argentina business – “Times are changing. Once the Argentina was shown as a success story in the World Economic Forum, which every year takes place in the Swiss city of Davos. Yesterday, when presented with the traditional survey collecting 1344 view CEO’s around the world, the Argentina was one of the worst qualified in areas like climate of business, expectations, confidence and quality of institutions. Numbers sample which produces every year the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers are eloquent: just one of every 10 CEO of companies who are in the country said to be very confident on revenues of your firm in the short term; 12% said “not trusted”. The latter figure fell compared to the year earlier (had been 26%). The perception of the business in the country is far from the average. Russia tops expectations table (53%), followed by Mexico (51%) and Korea of the South (50%). Brazil was above the average (39%), with 42 per cent of positive evaluation. Among the worst-rated are Venezuela (25%), Spain (23%), France (22%) and Argentina, with a 10% lean.


22-01-2014 nydn

22-01-2014 publinews

Guatemala: Banguat pronostica bonanza para 2014 – Banguat predicts bonanza by 2014 – The President of the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat), Edgar Barquín, told entrepreneurs that good economic prospects registered in 2013 with a growth of 4.3% will continue this year, and he is expected to be 3.3% 3.9%.


22-01-2014 sf

22-01-2014 8-08-22 chst

22-01-2014 chtrib

22-01-2014 nyp

22-01-2014 usa

22-01-2014 globe

22-01-2014 arizona

This morning’s European papers

This morning’s Asian newspaper front pages

Australian newspaper front pages

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Obama’s problems with the NSA and other north American newspaper front pages Tuesday 21 January

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Pot not riskier than alcohol and other north American front pages Monday 20 January

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