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Reporting a military coup – this morning’s Bangkok papers

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The military seized power, dissolving the caretaker government, suspending the constitution and ordering protesters to return home in a bloodless coup yesterday.
The power seizure took place after talks between the pro- and anti-government camps failed for a second day yesterday.
The army brought them together for talks to settle the country’s protracted political conflict, without success.
Military sources said the negotiations were brought to an end after the government insisted on holding on to power.
Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, who chaired the talks, left the Army Auditorium, the venue of the talks, as soldiers moved in to detain all negotiators and whisked them away in passenger vans.
Representatives of the Senate and the Election Commission were later allowed to go free.
Radio and television stations were ordered to suspend their normal broadcasts. A curfew between 10pm-5am was imposed and gatherings of more than five people banned.
All schools nationwide were ordered closed from today until Sunday.
In its first coup statement, the military cited the eruption of violence in Bangkok and other provinces which resulted in many deaths and injuries in the past months as the reasons behind the power seizure.
Appearing on all television channels along with other armed forces leaders and the national police chief about 4.30pm, Gen Prayuth read the statement.
He said the violence in the country had been escalating to such an extent that it stood to undermine national security and public safety.
The coup would help restore normalcy and national unity, ensure reform of political, economic and social institutions, and ensure legitimacy to all sides, he added.


Australia leads the Indonesian paper again

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19-02-2014 jakarta19-02-2014 jakarta2

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Jakarta Post splashes attack on Australian spying

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18-02-2014 jakartapostFrom this morning’s paper:

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa slammed Australia over another surveillance revelation on Indonesia, conducted this time in cooperation with the United States government, calling it “excessive”.

Marty blasted the Australian government for going too far in a joint spying operation on Indonesia during a trade dispute with the US and offering to share back room information with the US, as revealed by the International New York Times on Sunday.

In the Times piece, based on a top-secret 2013 document provided by former US National Security Agency (NSA) system analyst Edward Snowden, the Australian Signals Directorate assisted the surveillance of trade disputes between the US and Indonesia over exports of clove cigarettes and shrimp in recent years.

Marty said that he was not sure how snooping on a trade spat could relate to security.

“I have come across statements that Australia collects intelligence to save Australian lives, the lives of other people and to promote Australian values,” Marty said.

“Those are well understood as a general outlook, but I must say I find it mind-boggling: How can I reconcile discussions about shrimp and the impact on Australian security.”

… “Neighbors like Indonesia and Australia should be looking out for each other, not turning against each other,” Marty said.

“We should be listening to one another — not listening in on one another. And I think that it is very important to find the distinction between the two,” he said.

Squabbles between neighbours and other Asian newspaper front pages Friday 7 February

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Asian newspaper front pages Thursday 6 February

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Asian newspaper front pages Wednesday 5 February

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5-02-2014 bangkok5-02-2014 election

5-02-2014 straits

5-02-2014 hindu5-02-2014 ectimes

5-02-2014 toi

5-02-2014 jakarta

5-02-2014 star

5-02-2014 china

5-02-2014 korea

5-02-2014 chinapost

5-02-2014 phil


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Asian newspaper front pages Monday 3 February

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3-02-2014 bangkok3-02-2014 phil

3-02-2014 straits

3-02-2014 tofi

3-02-2014 ectimes

3-02-2014 korea

3-02-2014 jakarta

3-02-2014 chinapost

3-02-2014 hijndu

3-02-2014 thrstar

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Asian newspaper front pages Sunday 2 February

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2-02-2014 bangkok

2-02-2014 singapore

2-02-2014 jakarta

2-02-2014 asindst

2-02-2014 phil

2-02-2014 chinapost

2-02-2014 sunstar


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Asian newspaper front pages Saturday 1 February

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1-02-2014 bangkok

1-02-2014 economictimes

1-02-2014 tofi

1-02-2014 jakarta

1-02-2014 phil

1-02-2014 chinapost

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Asian newspaper front pages Friday 31 January

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Asian newspaper front pages Thursday 30 January

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30-01-2014 bangkok30-01-2014 thaiarmy

30-01-2014 jakarta30-01-2014 contagion

30-01-2014 chinadaily30-01-2014 apology



30-01-2014 korea

30-01-2014 chinapost

30-01-2014 phil

30-01-2014 straits2014-01-30_malstar2014-01-30_netizen


From inside



The ABC in the headlines – Australian newspaper front pages Thursday 30 January

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Asian newspaper front pages Wednesday 29 January

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Asian newspaper front pages Tuesday 28 January

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The government plans to empower mobile carriers to block phone lines used for financial scams and unsolicited bulk text messages or “spam,” officials said Monday. It is also seeking to strengthen requirements for short message service providers and ban financial services firms from sharing personal information of customers with their affiliates without giving prior notice to those concerned. These measures will be included in a revision bill on privacy protection, which will be submitted to the National Assembly next month, according to the Financial Services Commission (FSC).



2014-01-28 phil




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Different views about Abe in Asian newspaper front pages for Monday 27 January

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Asian newspaper front pages Sunday 26 January

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26-01-2014 straits

26-01-2014 scarves

26-01-2014 bangkok

26-01-2014 voting

26-01-2014 aid

26-01-2014 phil

26-01-2014 peace

26-01-2014 jakarta

26-01-2014 shanghai

26-01-2014 chinad

26-01-2014 hindustan

26-01-2014 populism

26-01-2014 indst

26-01-2014 star

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Asian newspaper front pages Saturday 25 January

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Jakarta Post on navy call-out and other Asian newspaper front pages Thursday 23 January

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Thailand political crisis makes Asian newspaper front pages Wednesday 22 January but ignored in Australia

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A big contrast between the way the newspapers of Asia are treating Thailand’s flirtation with civil war (see below) and the way Australian newspapers relegate it to inside coverage (see here).22-01-2014 bangkok

22-01-2014 protests

22-01-2014 straitstimes

22-01-2014 caretaker

22-01-2014 mstar

Illegal immigrants passed among themselves 36 ways to escape the crackdown on them – to no avail. On the first day of a nationwide swoop, some 6,000 immigrants were checked by the authorities and more than 1,500 of them were arrested. MCA, meanwhile, is asking for the exercise be suspended until after the Chinese New Year because legitimate workers too are being held until their documents are verified. KUALA LUMPUR: MCA has called for the nationwide crackdown on illegal immigrants to be postponed to prevent inconvenience to the people in the run-up to the Chinese New Year celebration.

22-01-2014 shanghai22-01-2014 parenting22-01-2014 korea

22-01-2014 tofi

22-01-2014 inq

22-01-2014 jakarta

22-01-2014 chinaAustralian newspaper front pages

North American papers overnight


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Chinese confident about growth and other page one news from Asia Tuesday 21 January

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