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Murdoch loses his cool because The Sun not attacking Labour vigorously enough

April 22nd, 2015 Comments off

murdoch loses his cook

  • Rupert Murdoch, fearing company’s future, told Sun journalists to get ‘act together’ on Labour coverage – The News Corp chairman –  who owns The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times – visited London at the end of February, and reportedly warned journalists on his tabloid newspaper of the threat a Labour government would have on the company. Last week, in its manifesto, Labour pledged to ensure that no “one media owner should be able to exert undue influence on public opinion and policy makers”. It said: “No media company should have so much power that those who run it believe themselves above the rule of law.” This appears to be a reference to the News UK (the UK’s biggest national newspaper publisher) and the hacking scandal. The Independent reports this morning that the News Corp boss, who has made no secret of his dislike of the Labour leader, told the editor of The Sun, David Dinsmore, that he expected the paper to be much sharper in its attacks on Labour.

    the asun n milliband k.itchensA hint of his frustration was evident on Twitter when the News Corp bosswrote: “Cameron’s Tories bash vulnerable Miliband for months with no effect on polls. Need new aspirational policies to have any hope of winning.”

    Two days after Mr Murdoch’s visit the paper devoted a two-page spread to the election – with the left-hand page containing a 10-point “pledge” to voters written by David Cameron. The right-hand side of the spread was an attack on Ed Balls under the headline: “I ruined your pensions, I sold off our gold, I helped wreck [the] economy, Now I’m going to put up your taxes.”

    It is understood that Mr Murdoch reminded executives that Labour would try to break up News UK, which owns The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. The party has suggested that no owner should be allowed to control more than 34 per cent of the UK media, a cap which would force News UK to sell one of the titles.

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Jeremy Paxman is my new favourite columnist

February 15th, 2015 Comments off

Staring nightly at the giggle box in Canberra not London, Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight meant nothing to me. Now things are different. Among other things he has turned columnist for London’s Financial Times where he almost justifies on his own making that paper one of the only two I actually pay to read on the internet. Most assuredly his Saturday musings are worthy of being on everyone’s short-list of monthly freebies that apply before the FT’s $ sign goes up.

After a plug like that I hope the journal I used to write for in the days of the first iron ore boom so many years ago will forgive me for ignoring its plea not to copy its words because good journalism is expensive to give this sample from this week’s Paxman’s Diary:

salmon fishing

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The Daily Mail gets it right – throw crooked bankers in jail

July 29th, 2014 Comments off

29-07-2014 jailbankers

London’s Daily Mail reports this morning that the clamour grows as the Bank of England chief says Lloyds traders ‘clearly broke the law’. In summary:

  • Mark Carney says Lloyds staff involved may be guilty of ‘criminal conduct’
  • Bank ripped off Treasury during financial crisis with creditworthiness lies
  • It gained access to tens of billions from Government at favourable rates
  • MP says public don’t understand why rogue bankers haven’t been jailed

29-07-2014 fixingrates

The Mail was not alone in taking a hard line on banking practices. That daily bible of the financial community The Financial Times reported how Lloyds Banking Group has been criticised for “highly reprehensible” behaviour by the Bank of England after it became the first lender to be fined for rigging rates to cut the cost of a financial crisis rescue scheme, effectively costing the taxpayer millions of pounds.

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A Ukraine newspaper’s view – Occupation

March 4th, 2014 Comments off

4-03-2014 theday14-03-2014 theday24-03-2014 ukraineview

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Ukraine daily reduced to symbolism

February 20th, 2014 Comments off

20-02-2014 theday

20-02-2014 prophecy

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European newspaper front pages Friday 7 February

February 7th, 2014 Comments off








2014-02-07_dailymail 2014-02-07_scotsman




Matignon crée un organisme pour l’égalité et l’intégration – Matignon creates a body for equality and integration


Attention sensitive topic! The government, which has suffered a controversy in December 2013 after the disclosure of disputed reports on integration, has decided to put the work on the loom. Jean-Marc Ayrault was chairing a meeting, Tuesday, February 11, to announce the creation of an organization dedicated to the integration policies of equality and fight against discrimination. This body, which will be entrusted to a senior official, could limit the prerogatives of Manuel Valls. Since the late Sarkozy, the interior ministry has the upper hand on all issues of integration. After many weeks of procrastination, Matignon finally decided Thursday, February 6, to put on the table the issue of integration. The subject was buried mid-December 2013 after the controversy arose from the disclosure of certain proposals of five reports commissioned by the Prime Minister on the subject. A meeting is now scheduled, Tuesday, Feb. 11, at Matignon, with a flagship proposal: the creation of a public organization dedicated to the integration and the fight against discrimination, attached to the Prime Minister.






Terrorangst zum Olympiastart – Terror fear at the start of the Olympic


Today begin the Winter Games in Sochi / German security authorities: No cause for alarmism


Berlin – At the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the U.S. has warned of bomb attacks on aircraft. There were indications that terrorists could smuggle explosives in toothpaste tubes into the machine and put together in the air bombs U.S. security circles said on Thursday. However, it is unclear whether the U.S. really have their own intelligence insights or only point to an already ever-present danger.




2014-02-07_standardAnd from South Africa:





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How Murdoch’s wife poured out her passion for Tony Blair and other European newspaper front pages Thursday 6 February

February 6th, 2014 Comments off


La banque française en guerre contre l’Europe – The French Bank in war against Europe

It is not usual to see Christian Noyer, the Governor of the Bank of France, out of the reserve that confer high an employee and his supervisor function banks. Yet, it has not quite harsh words to attack the draft reform of the public issued banks on 29 January by the European Commissioner responsible for the internal market, the French Michel Barnier. “These ideas are, I weigh my words, irresponsible,” said M. Noyer at the address of a “stunned” Barnier to see a man “also relevant” making such statements. The problem is that one and the other have some reason.

Their conflict focuses first on how to curb the risks in the banking sector. In fine, it is to ensure that public money is put to contribution, as was the case during the banking crisis of 2008.

M. Barnier proposes to prohibit the thirty most large banks to speculate for their own account. He wants to impose to confine a large number of risky market transactions in a solidly capitalized subsidiary. This is what we call the separation of banking activities. M. Noyer considers that such a separation would restrict liquidity in markets and adversely affect the financing of the economy.






Nationalbank-Papier zu Risikoabschätzung: Zusätzlich bis zu acht Milliarden Folgekosten – National Bank paper risk assessment: up to an additional 8 billion costs

The discussion of a bankruptcy of the state Hypo Alpe Adria does not stop. Austrian National Bank (OeNB) and Task Force Hypo warn the government against this variant; imponderable to be its consequences. In a letter to the Ministry of Finance of 19 November, the present standard, the OeNB Governing Board estimates the losses from a “disorderly liquidation” of the Institute with “up to 16 billion euros.”










2014-02-06_tagesErdogan will Internet-Kontrolle – Erdogan wants Internet control

Istanbul – The Turkish government wants to secure extensive rights to control the Internet. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has put forward a bill, according to which the State Internet authority may block unwanted content within a few hours and without a court order. In addition, the surfing habits of users are stored for two years and can be viewed by the Secret Service. Erdogan justified the advance with the protection of individual rights. The opposition called for a further restriction of freedom of expression in Turkey. Parliament is to vote on the law in the next few days.











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European newspaper front pages Wednesday 5 February

February 5th, 2014 Comments off

5-02-2014 standard

EU-Parlament zeigt Härte gegen Zinsmanipulationen – EU Parliament shows toughness against interest rate manipulations

Strasbourg – the European Parliament adopted an EU directive on criminal sanctions for insider trading and market manipulation in the financial sector on Tuesday in Strasbourg. It provides for the Member States of the Union from 2016 in national criminal law to provide relatively high penalties for relevant offences. Deliberate manipulation of market prices, as it gave them such as the LIBOR scandal by half a dozen European banks, would threaten prison with at least four years.

5-02-2014 lemonde

5-02-2014 wall

5-02-2014 moscow

5-02-2014 tv

5-02-2014 independent

5-02-2014 tages

Der da oben, die da unten – The upstairs, the downstairs

Tax fraud is a criminal offence, which undermines confidence in the rule of law and threatens the cohesion of our society. So it stood in the election program of the SPD for 2013, which was decided at a time when Klaus Wowereit of still Deputy Party Chairman was. A fair tax policy and distribution of wealth has always been a core part of social democratic thought. That has figured out a leading SPD man, who comes from small ratios, silently revealed the fraud of a major Advisor and personal friend, this is a serious case of sin for the comrades.

The Berlin SPD leadership could therefore not otherwise act as to urge the, André Schmitz Secretary of State for culture to resign as quickly as possible. Especially since the ruling Mayor was not ready to give up its attitude of refusal, but hiding in the skiing behind a high snowdrift. In the off chance that the storm of media outrage will subside after a few days. A gross misjudgment. Many years, Wowereit has believed to be able to take advantage of his own party as sometimes bulky, but ultimately obedient Assistant for the lonely governance in Berlin. Now the tide turns, as the boss of the Red Town Hall overused the patience and ability to suffer his capital of SPD.

5-02-2014 kath

5-02-2014 guardian

5-02-2014 ft5-02-2014 intnyt

5-02-2014 i

5-02-2014 jerusalem

5-02-2014 times

5-02-2014 dailymail

5-02-2014 hurriyet

5-02-2014 express

5-02-2014 ukdt

5-02-2014 mirror

5-02-2014 ukstar

5-02-2014 lsun

5-02-2014 argus

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European newspaper front pages Monday 3 November

February 3rd, 2014 Comments off

3-02-2014 guardian

3-02-2014 intnyt

3-02-2014 dm

3-02-2014 wallst

3-02-2014 ukdt

3-02-2014 irishtimes

3-02-2014 irishindependent3-02-2014 independent

3-02-2014 i

3-02-2014 dertages

3-02-2014 hurriyet

3-02-2014 kathim

3-02-2014 jerusalem

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Thatcher drove Scots to drink and other European newspaper front pages Sunday 2 February

February 2nd, 2014 Comments off

2-02-2014 sundaypost

2-02-2014 independent

2-02-2014 ukst

2-02-2014 observer

2-02-2014 express

2-02-2014 sunindep

2-02-2014 sundaymail

2-02-2014 saqst

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European newspaper front pages Saturday 1 February

February 1st, 2014 Comments off

1-02-2014 intnyt1-02-2014 turkey

1-02-2014 hurriyet

1-02-2014 rebels

1-02-2014 derstandard

Ukrainische Armee droht mit Eingreifen – Ukrainian army threatens to intervene

Kiev/Vienna – the Ukrainian military has warned of an escalation in the country on Friday and hinted at a possible intervention. Meanwhile, President Wiktor Janukowitsch signed the controversial amnesty law. Meanwhile, the opposition has raised new torture accusations against the Government.

1-02-2014 ukdt

1-02-2014 lemonde

Le grand retour de l’Amérique – The comeback of America

America is back. The growth of the United States reached 3.2% annual rate in the last quarter of 2013. The strong rebound of the first economy in the world is therefore confirms. On the year, the growth was 1.9%, but it accelerated sharply in the second half.

The political crisis of the fall, which has led to the closure of federal services (“shutdown”), has had an impact limited to the public sphere. The economy was boosted by consumption and investment, while the trade deficit is strongly reduced.

From San Francisco to New York, high technologies are booming. Thus, the California firm Google saw its turnover and profits increase by 20% last year. Amazon, the American giant of online commerce, resumed with the profits end of 2013, after two quarters in the red. In New York, Silicon Alley has become an unavoidable pole of high-tech: a thousand start-up settled for five years in this space of one square kilometer.

1-02-2014 ft

1-02-2014 irishtimes

1-02-2014 kathim

1-02-2014 thetimes

1-02-2014 dertages

1-02-2014 guardian

1-02-2014 independent

1-02-2014 sun

1-02-2014 dailymail

1-02-2014 dailyexpress

1-02-2014 dailystar

1-02-2014 dailymirror

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European newspaper front pages Friday 31 January

January 31st, 2014 Comments off






Menschenrechte: Russland am häufigsten verurteilt – Human rights: Russia most frequently convicted

Strasbourg/Vienna – the European Court of human rights (ECHR) has determined the most violations of fundamental rights among the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe in Russia last year with 129 judgments. The annual statistics of the ECHR was presented on Thursday in Strasbourg and receives additional explosiveness through the upcoming opening of the Olympic Games on May 7. February in Sochi. The sporting event will be accompanied by protests by human rights activists, to a boycott call and complain about violations of the human rights Convention. Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann on Thursday criticized discrimination against homosexuals, decidedly in his speech to the Council of Europe Russia is not directly addressed. Faymann defended his trip to Sochi, a boycott of a sporting event was “not the appropriate means to support the legitimate concerns of human rights activists”.


La crise des émergents amplifiée par la Fed – The emerging crisis amplified by the Fed

The currencies of the countries of the South are affected by the American turn of the screw

Wednesday, 29 January, the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) decided to further reduce its injections of liquidity in the economy, which will go from 75 to 65 billion dollars per month. The Central Bank has taken this decision because of the US recovery, without worrying about the potential impact on emerging countries. These are the tempetesmonetaires, due to their macroeconomic imbalances. Structured financial products increasing speculation against vulnerable currency. In 2013, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) wanted to free itself from the IMF and Washington, but they did not succeed, because their interests diverge.











Mediziner: Staat versagt bei Kinderschutz – Physician: State fails in child protection


Charité experts accuse Germans of collective denial of abuse / perpetrators mostly parents













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Pushing back the boats Greek style and other European newspaper front pages Thursday 30 September

January 30th, 2014 Comments off



30-01-2014 derstandard

Zinserhöhung in der Türkei verpufft an den Finanzmärkten – Increase of interest rates in Turkey fizzles out on the financial markets

Vienna – drastic rate hikes in Turkey and South Africa have hardly can curb the turmoil in the currency markets. The Turkish Central Bank has raised interest rates from 4.5% to 10%, to bolster the value of the own currency lira. The decision followed a roller coaster ride but, in the course of Wednesday, the currency eased partly drastically. Economists also warned growth problems because of sharply higher interest rates. At the descent of the currencies, also the Russian ruble has reached a new low.



Les soubresauts perpétuels de l’économie mondialisée – The perpetual turmoil of the globalized economy


In early November, Larry Summers, former Secretary to the Treasury, Professor at Harvard, warned: since a few decades, growth in the United States and Europe is progressing by speculative bubbles. Between two bubbles, the Western economy through a long cycle of low growth. The “law of Summers’ seems well apply to the current situation. After some boom years, many emerging countries are experiencing serious difficulties. The Turkey, the India, Argentina, for example, see their currency and their stock market collapse. These countries face a massive flight of capital: investors withdrew from these markets to fall back on the United States and Europe – less remunerative but safer.





30-01-2014 theday





Merkel schickt Schröder in Rente – Merkel sends Schröder in retirement

Despite massive criticism, the Cabinet decided a comprehensive retirement package on Wednesday. It stipulates the increase of so-called mother pension, the introduction of a discount-free retirement at 63 in 45 years of insurance, as well as improvements to disability pensioners. In addition, more money for rehabilitation should be provided… The presumed costs of EUR 160 billion by 2030 were criticized in particular by employers and younger politicians, who fear unwarranted burden of future generations. Federal Social Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) defended against criticism, which was presented on Wednesday in particular by former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) and the nearby employer initiative new social market economy (INSM) the decisions of the Coalition to the pension.


2014-01-30_independent 2014-01-30_dailymail2014-01-30_thetimes








The ABC in the headlines – Australian newspaper front pages Thursday 30 January

Asian newspaper front pages

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European newspaper front pages Wednesday 29 January

January 29th, 2014 Comments off

29-01-2014 thetimes

29-01-2014 moscow

29-01-2014 putin

29-01-2014 guardian

29-01-2014 turkey

29-01-2014 loserslobby


F inanzamt fordert 60 Millionen: Meinl klagt die RepublikTax Office demands 60 million: Meinl complains the Republic

Financial criminal proceedings provides for displeasure stepping in banker with assets

A tax back payment of EUR 60 million is threatening Vienna – the Meinl Bank. The financial believes that various management companies resident in Jersey were attributable to the Institute and to pay tax on their income in Austria. Although the Bank to appeal, she would have to form a tax provision 2013 for the balance sheet. This could consume the equity and lead to “Settlement” of the Institute, it says in a letter to the tax office, which is the default.

29-01-2014 fintimes

29-01-2014 dertages

Maas will Homosexuelle gleichstellen – Maas wants to equate homosexuals


Minister of Justice implements judicial standard for adoption rights / topic in the controversial Coalition


Berlin – the controversial between the Union and the SPD debate about equality of homosexual civil partnerships could increase again on sharpness. Heiko Maas (SPD) is for the first bill he brings as Minister of Justice on the way, made an improvement of adoption law for same-sex couples and other steps announced.


The draft, which is the daily mirror, is a special area of the adoption law, the adoption of successive. That is, cases in which one of the two partners has adopted a child and the other partner would be also adoptive mother or father. This is already possible with heterosexual couples.


29-01-2014 ukdt

29-01-2014 indep

29-01-2014 opinion


Sarkozy, l’omni-prés(id)ent – Sarkozy, omni-pres(id)ent


Since early 2014, the former head of the State accelerated its return movement in the political arena. “I expect the disaster,” he told a former Minister. Superstar from the right in the polls, the former head of State will be Thursday, January 30 in Charente-Maritime to decorate an ex-MP. Wednesday 29, his friends Association meets for its ritual lunch. His presence at the concerts of his wife Carla confidences of Bernadette Chirac announcing his return, Nicolas Sarkozy is since the beginning of the year in the heart of the conversations.

29-01-2014 express

29-01-2014 lemonde

  1. Chômage : les raisons de l’échec de François Hollande – Unemployment: the reasons for the failure of François Holland
  2. In September 2012, François Holland had promised to reverse the curve of unemployment ‘from here’ a year. The bet is lost. Significantly. The number of unemployed persons increased again – of 8,200 – in December 2013, bringing the total increase over the year to 177 800. Massive assistance job creation have not offset the increase in demography and the retirement more late Senior. Above all, the sluggish growth did not create jobs.

29-01-2014 kathim

29-01-2014 dailymail

29-01-2014 dailymirror

29-01-2014 i

29-01-2014 dailystar

29-01-2014 metro

29-01-2014 capeargus

29-01-2014 agansa

29-01-2014 businessday

29-01-2014 post

Asian newspaper front pages

Australian newspaper front pages

American newspaper front pages

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Spying via “Angry Birds” and other European newspaper front pages Tuesday 28 January

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Tax evasion secrets of the HSBC files

«Le Monde» reveals the incredible story of the listings – listing the names of 3,000 French holders of an account in Switzerland

Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke has elements to involve HSBC Bank in an extensive process of money laundering tax evasion. Investigators have received for mission to audition the 2,956 French suspected of hiding their assets in Switzerland. Meanwhile, SCIF continues its own investigation, which already allowed him to straighten more than 700 taxpayers. Investigations after the provision of the data, in 2008, by the computer scientist Hervé Falciani, former employee of the Bank, have been constrained until 2013. On the listings appear the names of multiple personalities. Le Monde has contacted them.










Schwellenländer stemmen sich gegen Währungsturbulenzen -Emerging economies brace themselves against currency turbulence

Vienna – the fear of an economic downturn and political crises, as in Turkey and in Argentina, lead to a decline in many currencies in emerging markets. Investors pull their money for months. Three billion cash outflow in the previous week alone. This brings additional pressure on countries such as India or Brazil, because they can no longer finance their current-account deficits with foreign capital. The Turkish Central Bank responded with an emergency meeting on the falling lira, which has lost more than 20 percent since may, 2013. Experts expect a massive interest rate move to keep the prices stable. Argentina has again released the purchases of dollars locked since October, 2011, to stop the outflow. Because the purchases with $2,000 a month are limited, dealers believe that the peso remains under pressure. “The global implications of the recent uncertainty should remain but limited”, believes Julian Jessop of capital economics.






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European newspaper front pages for Monday 27 January

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Auf nach Kiew – On to Kiev

Puzzle about puzzles: Ukraine’s opposition to the goal seems admirable weeklong protests in cold and snow. The besieged Moscow-loyal President Janukowitsch offers her the takeover of the Government. But she throws away her victory, rejects the offer. Why?

The Ukraine is nähergerückt us close and remained third. For the second time after the “orange” revolution ten years ago, risking tens of thousands of lives and health, oppose brutal militias in Kiev, Poltava and Winizja, request their chance for freedom, democracy and prosperity. Many in the West comes from the momentum of the European demonstrations. But now since the opposition fails power-sharing and risk a civil war, the fear, is growing. Molotov cocktails at police officers and burning barricades fit poorly to the dream of an inclusive Europe. Threatening since a European Syria right at our doorstep?

Up close look at the three opposition leaders not irrational. They have no confidence that the regime is serious about the power-sharing. You also have no confidence in the durability of their three federal. The pressure from above (regime) and down (the road) it holds together. If successful, they will compete soon the power. Wirddann Vitali Klitschko, who is regarded as a clean, but inexperienced in Ukrainian-Russian power intrigues, the movement is lead? Or the cautious Taktierer ARSENI Yatsenyuk from the party of imprisoned ex – figurehead Julia Timoschenko? Or nationalist Oleg Tjagnibok? They suspect that Yanukovych slightly against each other play them, if they sit in the Government partly continue the protests. Klitschko speaks of a “poisoned” offer.

They also fear losing control over the road if they settle victory with a half. The dodges, with where the regime prevented the EU approach to Russian pressure, brought the people on the street. With the torture of dissidents and the fatal shooting on protesters, it has driven more people on the side of the opposition. Now, whose leaders demand new elections so that reflected the new balance of power in Parliament and President.

2014-01-27_standardAustria: Opposition fordert Neuwahl, EU-Parlament erwägt Sanktionen – Opposition calls for new elections, Parliament is considering sanctions

Kiev/Berlin – intensified appeals from the EU, to resolve the conflict peacefully given unchanged hard fronts between the opposition and Government in the Ukraine on Sunday. The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, spoke out on the edge of the SPD Party Congress in Berlin to give stronger pressure on the parties to the conflict and attracted massive sanctions into consideration. “We will exert every possible pressure on both sides, to the attempt, to respond in dialogue, not violence”, said Schulz.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed a similar. Even Pope Franziskus called for an immediate end to the violence in the Ukraine.

There, the opposition rejected the offer by President Wiktor Janukowitsch, to enter into the Government, and insisted on new elections. The protests widened from Kiev to the West of the country. Several town halls were occupied.













2014-01-27_dailystarThis morning’s Asian newspaper front pages

This morning’s Australian newspaper front pages

American newspaper front pages



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European newspaper front pages Sunday 26 January

January 26th, 2014 Comments off

26-01-2014 indep

26-01-2014 observer

26-01-2014 lemponde

Le président, le pape et le grand malaise des catholiques – The president, the Pope and the great discomfort of Catholics

For his first meeting with the Pope, president, criticized on ethical issues, addressed a message of openness to Catholics

A handshake – cold at first, warm at the end of the meeting between François and François Hollande, Pope Friday, January 24 at the Vatican – will not be enough to erase the discomfort of a portion of french Catholics. Relations between the Holy See and the French Republic were never a long quiet river. But the litigation has increased with the election of M. Holland.

26-01-2014 sundaytimes

26-01-2014 ukst

26-01-2014 express

26-01-2014 mail

26-01-2014 ukst26-01-2014 tages

Weitere Todesfälle auf Baustellen der WM2022 – More deaths on construction sites of World Cup 2022

The FußballWeltverband FIFA has asked after the announcement further deaths at World Cup construction sites in Qatar by the hosts of the World Cup 2022 better working conditions. ‘In Qatar quickly and permanently consistently fair working conditions must be introduced, on a sustainable basis’, announced by FIFA on Saturday and reacting to a report by the British newspaper ‘the guardian’. The journal reported that during the construction of facilities for the World Cup in eight years in Qatar significantly more workers killed had been previously known as.

26-01-2014 aujour

26-01-2014 jerusalem

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European newspaper front pages for Saturday 25 January

January 25th, 2014 Comments off











Heizkosten steigen dreimal so schnell wie Einkommen – Heating costs rise three times as fast as income

The Germans must spend an ever larger share of their income on heating bills. Especially the low-income earners suffer.


Un chef, un rôle, un projet : les défis de l’UMP – A leader, a role, a project: the challenges of the UMP

It is implacable political laws. Defeats electoral major cause injuries that require more often, long convalescence, staked relapses and clashes. It is rare, in addition, that a party abruptly returned to the opposition escape the temptation to promise for tomorrow, what he has been able to achieve when he was in power.

The French right makes the experience since the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy, that soon two years. The meeting, on 25 January, the Council national of the UMP should offer a new demonstration, despite the United and combative front that wants to present its president, Jean-François Copé.

This is not a surprise. After his failure of 1988, it took years for Jacques Chirac to overcome the fronde of the young guard, too pressed to take over. Similarly, the failure of the dissolution of 1997 opened a long period of unrest and setbacks, that only the cohabitation and the unlikely victory of 2002 made it possible to exceed.

As yesterday the RPR, UMP faces four challenges. Find a champion, first…





2014-01-25_liberoAustralian newspaper front page

Asian newspaper front pages



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Deadly riots in Kiev and other European front pages Thursday 23 January

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23-01-2014 ukrainetheday

From inside this Ukraine daily:

23-01-2014 frominside

23-01-2014 komersant


From Russia’s Komersant – Украина ищет выход из Киева – Ukraine is looking for a way out of Kiev

Violent confrontation is pushing power and opposition to the Treaty

After several days of fighting in the streets of Kiev in Ukraine has a chance to avoid a relapse into civil war. A turning point in the Ukrainian opposition may become yesterday’s meeting of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with leaders of the opposition, the first meeting of this kind for all time crisis. The saving option is outlined a compromise: extraordinary session of Verkhovna Rada and suspension have joined today by virtue of laws, which the opposition described as dictatorial and that have led to armed clashes.

Yesterday’s meeting of Viktor Yanukovich with the opposition troika is party leader BEAT Vitali Klitschko, the head of the faction “Homeland” by Arseniy Yatsenyuk and leader of nationalist “freedom” by Oleg Tâgnybokom even the day before was almost unthinkable. On the eve of the President of Ukraine was ready to talk with opposition leaders is that their assistants. Yesterday a meeting not just took place — it lasted more than three hours.

The negotiators did not give details, but the leaders of the opposition, leaving the President’s administration, only threw on the run, that all the information will be unveiled at the National Popular Assembly. However, the key is not even the content of the meeting, and its a fact. In fact, the first such contact between the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition, not only during the current crisis, but also for all the years. And it seems not because both parties suddenly saw the light and realized the harmfulness of further confrontation — rather, they understand the danger of this confrontation.

23-01-2014 londontele

23-01-2014 thetimes

23-01-2014 fintimes

23-01-2014 guardian

23-01-2014 moscow

23-01-2014 lemonde

Catherine Samba-Panza, l’espoir de la Centrafrique – Catherine Samba-Panza, the hope of the Central African Republic

A woman comes to access to the Presidency of the Central African Republic. And strong desire to believe that this change in Bangui is good news. Promising profile of Catherine Samba-Panza, age 59, is to heal the wounds of a country torn by its identity divisions.

Connection measured but firm, clear mind, commitment against corruption: many elements argue in its favour. Its origins also. Born in Chad to Cameroon father and Central African mother, this lawyer installed in Central Africa at age 18. The new President is Christian but spoke Arabic, which could be a great help to extinguish the xenophobic fire ravaging the country.

23-01-2014 dailymail

23-01-2014 londsun

23-01-2014 independent

23-01-2014 i

23-01-2014 express

23-01-2014 dailymirror

23-01-2014 kathim

23-01-2014 scotsman

23-01-2014 metro

The British weeklies

23-01-2014 spectator

23-01-2014 newstatesman

Australian newspaper front pages

American newspaper front pages

This morning’s Asian newspapers

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Industrial killing in Syria and other front pages of European newspapers for Wednesday 22 January

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22-01-2014 dert

„Industrielles Töten in Syrien“ – “Industrial killing in Syria”

Expert report documented systematic torture / human rights activists call West to intervene

Immediately prior to the peace conference for Syria an expert report on serious human rights violations has reduced the prospects for success of the meeting further Berlin -. In the report Assad accused by Bashar al the regime imprisoned thousands and systematically to have tortured and tormented to death. Especially the controversy over the participation of Iran had charged the complicated talks before.

The investigation, created by three renowned criminal lawyers, is based on the evaluation of 55 000 pictures. These shots, a former photographer for the military police to have made and before he fled the opposition provided. See emaciated bodies of prisoners who have massive signs of torture to the part. Some of the detainees had apparently been strangled, they killed others by shocks, according to the report. One of the authors, Desmond de Silva, former Chief Prosecutor in the war crimes Tribunal for Sierra Leone, said: the images documented a “industrial killing”. The experts made their investigation on behalf of a well-known London law firm, which represents Qatar also. His Government is one of Assad’s harshest critics.


22-01-2014 londt

22-01-2014 guardian

22-01-2014 lt

22-01-2014 lemonde

Politiques, Europe, institutions : la grande défiance des Français – Policies, Europe, institutions: the great mistrust of the French

Made from 8 to January 14, day of the François Holland press conference, by Internet with a sample of 1,005 people, this book poll once again a reflection entering the State of mind of a country where mistrust and pessimism held the top of the keypad; a very country mostly fearful, convinced of its decline, strongly tempted by the rejection of others and its corollary, the self-absorption.

22-01-2014 hurryet

22-01-2014 jerusalem

22-01-2014 ind

22-01-2014 dm

22-01-2014 mirror

22-01-2014 dailyexpress

22-01-2014 kathim

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Political sex and other European newspaper front pages for Tuesday 21 January

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21-01-2014 efrance

21-01-2014 edailym

21-01-2014 ethetimes

21-01-2014 edt

21-01-2014 rennard

21-01-2014 intny

21-01-2014 elemonde

Réorganisation territoriale : les voeux pieux du président – Territorial reorganization: the wishful thinking of the president

Of all advertised sites, on 14 January, by the president of the Republic, the simplification of the french “territorial Yarrow” is, at once, the more agreed and the most unlikely. François Hollande is not the first, indeed, to “put an end to the clutter and duplicates” of powers and prerogatives between municipalities, communes Department, departments and regions. It is not the first to consider the reduction of the number of regions or the redefinition of the role of the departments, to pool resources and each other and cut in public spending.

Already Jacques Chirac complained – but not touching – the stacking of our administrative structures, this incredible mosaic of institutions and powers: since 40 years, 100 Napoleonic departments (involving 4,000 cantons) and the 36,700 municipalities, have been added 22 metropolitan regions and some 2,600 intercommunal groups own taxation.

21-01-2014 eirishtimes

21-01-2014 ewall

21-01-2014 banklosses

21-01-2014 efintimes

21-01-2014 eturdnews


from Turkey

21-01-2014 eguardian

21-01-2014 eexpress

21-01-2014 estar

21-01-2014 edailymirror

21-01-2014 eindep

21-01-2014 ejerus

21-01-2014 ekath

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