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May 24th, 2014

A free ad courtesy of Crosby Textor

On learning that the wonderful conservative pollsters Crosby Textor are now spinning against the battling New Zealand producer of A2 milk on behalf of the multi-national Parmalat I thought this was the least I could do:

I mean, anyone being lobbied against by that pair, can’t be all bad.

2014-03-07_fawltyThe restaurants that thrive on insulting their diners – “For some, there is a masochistic pleasure in allowing serving staff full licence to order them about. And while Basil Fawlty at his most splenetic may appear an odd role model, a select band of hospitality entrepreneurs have built successful careers on a reputation for being cantankerous and abrasive to their clientele.”

Beer, in the Glass and on the Plate, in Brussels By EVAN RAIL in the New York Times – At these four restaurants in and near Belgium’s capital, beer serves a dual role for diners.

Cuisine versus Cucina – “For my money (modest as it is), French food is wonderful over a few days but Italian, being lighter, triumphs over the longue durée. If you’ve ever spent a fortnight in southwestern France you’ll know what I mean: magret de canard, gésiers confits, cassoulet de Toulouse, buckets of garbure and basins of black Cahors wine, it’s good while it lasts but in the end one is left gagging for something less heavy-duty, a simple insalata caprese or a small piece of fresh fish, sogliola or orata accompanied by just a few charred strips of aubergine or courgette (melanzana, zucchino), and half a lemon squeezed over it.”

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