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May 6th, 2015

Political spread betting market backs Conservative election win – IG Group clients are predicting there will be 291 Conservatives seats, with 266 for Labour. They suggest the likelihood of no overall majority is 94 per cent. Spreadex currently indicates around 289 seats for the Conservatives, with 267 for Labour.

How a Gambling Addict Became a Bookie

In Rain and Snow, It’s Clear That Patriots Are a Good Bet – “Over the past 12 seasons, the New England Patriots have played so well in wet conditions that their margin of victory in those games has exceeded the betting spread — set by a global market that tries to take all known advantages into account — 80 percent of the time, according to an analysis by Covers, a sports betting information website. The analysis suggests that the Patriots have an edge in wet weather that neither the general public nor professional bettors have taken into account. But the analysis sheds no light on what that advantage, or those advantages, might be. The Patriots exceeded the spread 56 percent of the time in their other games during that period, the analysis shows.”

The King Of Online Gambling (Is 34) – A detailed look by Forbes at “the Wild West of online gambling” and the man who controls the biggest share of it.

A salutary reminder about casinos: Casino rule 1: the house always wins – “As gambler Phil Ivey found to his cost, no matter how subtle your sting, the casino comes out on top.”

Report finds 4 out of 5 sporting bets are placed illegally – An interesting report from London’s Financial Times on the size of the market. -“Four out of every five bets made on sport are placed illegally, leading to $140bn being laundered each year, according to a two-year study on the scale of betting corruption. Football and cricket are most at risk of manipulation as organisers struggle to protect events from criminals seeking to exploit the rapid rise of online betting, which accounts for 30 per cent of all sports gambling activity.

The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life – There’s always been a thin line between investing and gambling, and one firm turned the concept into a multimillion-dollar industry until the government shut it down. As number crunchers like Nate Silver become cultural touchstones, how does Intrade’s fate predict the future of how we process the world?

A story about match fixing that is actually worth reading

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