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Whatever Happens to Old Treasurers?

Thursday, 13th July, 2006 - If Peter Costello is considering his life after politics, perhaps he should make a call to John Dawkins who is a happy member of the club of former Treasurers. The Owl knows that because the man who did Paul Keating's dirty work when it came time to break an L.A.W. election promise all those years ago is now a grape grower of distinction in South Australia's Eden Valley. more

Queen's Birthday Honours List

Monday, 12th June, 2006

The full list is available here.

Bill at the Mine Site

Thursday, 2nd May, 2006

I am sure that Bill Shorten has a genuine interest in doing whatever he can to assist his members so unfortunately involved in the Beaconsfield mine tragedy. I am just as certain that this aspiring politician senses that there might well be an opportunity to focus public attention on the need for a strong trade union movement at a time when the Federal Government is going all out to weaken it. more

The Refreshingly Out Spoken Nick Minchin

Thursday, 9th March, 2006 - The gap between political-speak and the truth has grown so great that there is always surprise when a politician actually says something both unscripted and interesting. There is an immediate assumption that there has been a blunder and the minders start running around suggesting that the uttered words do not really mean what they seem to say and if they do then it was a personal view that counts for nothing. So it was yesterday as Canberra reacted to the unauthorised release of a tape recording of Government Senate Leader and Finance Minister Nick Minchin addressing the HR Nicholls Society at a private meeting on Friday night. more

Posh School Trade Union Men and Would-Be Federal MPs

Thursday, 16th February, 2006

One is from Haileybury, the private school that began educating the sons of gentlemen at Melbourne's Brighton in 1892. The other is from Xavier where the Jesuits educated the retired Howard Government Minister and current High Commissioner to London, Richard Alston. Both are about to face the party selection panels. And in a sign that the ideological divide between the two major political parties has narrowed, if not disappeared, this pair are seeking to represent Labor not Liberal.

Bill Shorten is the Xavier candidate and the current federal secretary of the Australian Workers Union - the country's largest. ... Haileybury's aspiring Labor member is the Victorian Secretary of the National Union of Workers Martin Pakula. (pictured here at a union function with Peter Garrett. more

Nearly Trim Taut and Terrific

Monday, 6th February, 2006

It was a new look Kim Beazley on the ABC's Lateline this evening. A much thinner face and an almost healthy glow. Perhaps more importantly much of the verbosity was gone. On a couple of occasions he even answered a question with a single and understandable sentence; and there was a genuine laugh rather than an embarrassed cackle. more






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